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Beautiful Creatures

Reading-Workshop, 11/11/11
Libretto by Dominic Orlando – Directed by Christopher Alden
Mila Henry, Music Director
Featuring: Constance Hauman, Michael Zegarski, Brian Anderson, Carla Jablonski


‘A Man Like You’| Stan (Brian Anderson), Hank (Michael Zegarski)


‘Beautiful Creatures’ (at 2:05)| Cori (Carla Jablonski)









‘River on Fire’| Eileen (Constance Hauman) audio




Who is Miranda? (2008)

For “The Tempest Project”
Text from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Sounds, Additional Text, and Narration Jennifer Griffith |  Miranda – Anne Fiero | Prospero – Tom Noonan | Ferdinand – Patrick Porter
(best hearing w/headphones)

Calling G.B. (2006)

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